Sunday, 9 October 2011

Simply happy ;)

It was impossible… Impossible to made it work… But at least: IT WORKED OUT! J Impossible’s possible.

I’ve had my third poetry evening two days ago. In the morning, just a few hours before the event, everything was unfinished. Everything seemed to be… a CATASTROPHY! My musician didn’t answered my phones, so I felt so helpless. I couldn’t have a poetry evening without music…!That’s why I’ve started to look for a new person who could be my pianist. No one. Maybe a guitarist…? No one. For goodness sake! Even a DJ would have been welcomed… I was calling to various people for over two hours. It was so tiring but more than tiring – stressful. Finally, at about 3 o’clock I’ve founded someone who could play for me. I was so relieved! ;) Wojtek saved my life. Or maybe just my reputation ;) But I had to find a piano for him. I’ve decided to take school’s piano and locate it in proper classroom. I needed help so I’ve asked a few boys (younger than me but strong enough to take piano to the classroom) for a help.

After that I could take a deep breath. ‘My poetry evening won’t be a disaster’ – I thought. And indeed, it wasn’t :P Actually It was quite nice... All right. It was wonderful for me but I’m not particularly objective ;) My friends helped me a lot. They made great decoration, operated the sound equipment, baked delicious cake (I made croissants J It’s almost a tradition ), recorded a video and took really good photos. I have to thank them all – especially: all my class 3C, my Polish teacher,  Justyna, Monia, Bartek, Wojtek and Wojtek, Kuba, Mrs Giza and all my former teachers who came to see me, guests and new friends whom I met then. If I would like to thank all of you by name I had to make a long list… So simply. Thank you guys! J

I’m authentically happy that it had worked out. When it finished I couldn’t stop smiling. Broad grin was constantly on my face. It was a great feeling. Still is :P

Ania J :*

PS  I’ll show you pictures as soon as it’s possible. Hope in a few days ;)
Till then you can watch a few videos:


  1. What a beautiful post and I am happy it all went well in the end, it did right?
    Can you translate any of your work?

  2. maybe. don't know yet. but it's quite possible