Thursday, 16 February 2012

The fourth one

I don't have enough strength (and will actually) to write a long elaboration 'bout my poetry evening. So simply  I'm going to show you some photos and back to work. It was just one more great event in this year. Loud, creative and full of spontaneity. The picture shows Peter, guitarist and my classmate ;)

                                                Faustyna and her calm interpretation

                                  Daria, Bartek and... well... some trials of interpretation ;)

                                                                            Just me

And now, I will give you a few picture tips 'how to kiss a microphone properly' xD I've noticed that in the photos and I find it quite embarrassingly amusing:P

                                               Keep your lips as close it as you can! :D

Pleasant, isn't it? :P

Take care,

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