Sunday, 1 May 2011

‘Back to black’

Almost a month ago I came back from Catalunya. I’ve been there for ten days. And  it was unforgetable trip. Because of Catalunya’s beauty and because of people who I met there. Spain is incredibly scenic and that’s why  I want to show you some photos. They were taken  in Tortosa, Roquettes and Barcelona.

I’ve never seen such a beautiful places in my whole life. Catalunya is really colorful. Full of smells, sounds and tastes. There are orange trees all around.  It’s picturesque. And it’s warm! The temperatures were about 25-27 degrees C.

 It was such a pleasant feeling when I could wear only top. Without any extra jumper or jacket. I’ve really enjoyed spanish sun ;) Catalunya was awesome.  But not only the place was great. I love Spanish people. They were so free and open.

You know,  I was walking down the street and passing strangers who were saying ‘Hola’. Even if they didn’t know me. It was pretty nice ;) To be honest with you, I’ve been missing it since we came back to Poland… Polish people are not as open as Spanish. Or the Dutch. Or Portuguese. Yes. Potruguese people were totally cazy. Wonderful. And they were excellent teachers during my first ‘real’ meditarean lunch. I’ve tried to eat paella (honestly really, really, really tasty ;) ) with shrimps, etc.

 Eating and ‘undressing’ pawns is not as easy as it seems to be. Trust me ;) But it’s worth the price. To sum up, COMENIUS in Spain was awesome! I’ve seen plenty of beautiful places. I’ve tried lots of new things. I’ve met gorgeous people and I’ve extended my English a little bit. I’ve enjoyed it very, very much. Thank you guys for everything!

Take care,

PS  ‘Fluffy cheeks’ and ‘Trzy kaczki’ are still my favourites :PPP  Hugs for you :P



  1. Hello ^-^ i should have commented this a long time ago but i never had the time or i didn't remember but now i remember xD
    I hope everything is fine with you a let me say you we're also one of my favourites =D

    i wish you a great summer.
    kiss on fluffy cheeck ^-^

  2. Summer wasn't particularly great... I'd rather say it was busy :P
    Yep, I'm taking care of myself. More than less ;)

    why always on a cheek...? xD :P
    Hugs for you and the rest of crazy team :*:*:*